AP056 – Social loneliness

Here comes the consequences of the panic attack as I am rethinking several sides of my personal life and those involving our couple’s life. One aspect of the things bothering me is that we don’t have any friends to hang around with. Looking at a journey from being used to socializing into getting alone and lonely.

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AP055 – Social panic

Something happened 3 weeks ago (end of March) that made me re-question my behavior towards people. From one kick, a bunch of frustration, fears, inappropriate behavior, hidden dreams and denied feelings jars from the pantry has been smashed to the flour. I try to talk about these personal issues during the coming episodes.

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AP050 – Clarifications and statistics

It is half time of the podcast. On this show I explain why I suspended the Saturday live show to make things clear and stop the confusion. Then I talk about statistics after a year of podcasting revealing interesting and fun facts about raw boring numbers. I finish by discussing financial matters and Vegas.

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AP054 – GBAP Live: How much is too much?

What are the limits of free speech on social networks? Are we always on the edge of auto-censoring ourselves? What are the consequences of talking freely, are we to blame for controversy or will we never get everybody satisfied at the same time? How much should you reveal about yourself and about your thoughts on the Internet?

To discuss this topic, I am joined by the Fey Driver from the Pink Wheelnuts Podcast, Gavin from the Pokin’ it with a stick and Larken from the Twitters.

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AP053 – GBAP Live: Getting out of holiday finances

On this episode we talk about the economy, finances and personal budget worries as the end of the year is approaching. We look how we get through it with less damage, how buying cheap can be risky, talk about local food, producers and helping market and recycling. In this hard financial crisis can we save small businesses or are we naturally selfish saving our own lives? This is not the place where you will find tips but more of an experience chat.

To discuss the purse I am joined with Brenda Boo from the Hello Again it’s Brenda Boo Podcast and Toppie Smellie from The Smellcast Podcast.

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