Live show future topics

These are the topics I’ve been thinking of for the following shows.
If you want to participate or suggest a topic write to!
The more you participate the sooner the topic will be scheduled.

  • What are the limits of a relationship?
  • What are the limits of a friendship?
  • How do you compromise in a relationship? (Compromise and flexibility)
  • Does technology make you more attractive?
  • Single and whore, taken and saint?
  • The relationship limits: Cybersex and faithfulness. (suggested by Jim)
  • Do you fit the stereotype?
  • What if you don’t fit? (in the bear, cubs, chicken, muscle…) (suggested by Scot the Little Aussie Battler)
  • Can you be happy if you’re ugly?
  • Dogs or babies? How important are your pets?
  • Broken relationships: one year later.
  • Can trust ever come back again within couples?
  • The state of Health care: who’s taking care of you? (suggested by Chuck Chapman)
  • Have we lost our manners?
  • Forbidden friendship & love.
  • How lost are we in this world?
  • Is the Pride message still getting through or is it all about sponsorship?
  • Is unsafe sex a taboo or a trend?
  • Who do idols help? Are there still idols we can grow up with? (comic books, dead stars, ideologists)
  • How healthy are you? Is healthy too healthy?
  • Why do people need unions? Why are unions needed?
  • Parenting? If you can’t have a child can you be a parent?

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