Hi, I’m HatM, a 35 year old guy living in Budapest, Hungary.

Generally I’m patient with people but sometimes I get angry. Instead of getting the steam right away, I just internalize my frustrations into jars and store them in a pantry.

The pantry gets sometimes overfilled. So in this podcast named the “Angry Pantry!” I open those old or recent jars and discuss about the issues bothering me in everyday life people, their behavior, objects and concepts to try to understand why they make me so mad!

If you feel you get angry too about the same things or you have issues yourself let me know about them or call the whining voiceline at (+1) 206-338-7472 and I may discuss them on one of the podcasts.

You can join the discussion every Saturday on Pride48.com at 6pm EST, 11pm GMT, 12pm CET, 3pm PST, 10am NZST for “The Good, the Bad and The Angry Pantry!” live show. I am discussing serious, rare and tabu subjects with different guests from twitter and the podcasting community. You can find Saturday’s topic on the Facebook page.

Thank You, and beware you might get asleep listening to it, so double the speed and get bored!