AP063 – The Olympics are finally over!

So finally the Olympic games are finally over! I’m talking about some of the stuff I enjoyed and that bothered me during the opening and closing of the London Olympic games 2012.

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2 Responses to AP063 – The Olympics are finally over!

  1. kathy bacon says:

    Please post the next episode. Its past due. Thank you for calling.

  2. Kathy Bacon says:

    WHAT???? OK! It is alright – I will pass on the poop story cuz I know this was recorded in the poop room ~ HAHA – oh, please do not hate me – haha.

    Thank you for doing the little shows for ME!!!

    And of course look at all the other people since I am not the only one downloading this – how could I – so, then I realize, there are other people who hear you say, Kathy Bacon wants to talk about poop and now all those people are going to think I am BAT poop Crazy – see …. how ever will I change this impression people must have.

    Could you imagine having five days of gifts to open :)

    Alright – I will quit bugging and stalking – I am only listening to a wee-bit of the show – I will listen to the rest tomorrow – I have to get to work on time – so I can leave at 3 -

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