AP050 – Clarifications and statistics

It is half time of the podcast. On this show I explain why I suspended the Saturday live show to make things clear and stop the confusion. Then I talk about statistics after a year of podcasting revealing interesting and fun facts about raw boring numbers. I finish by discussing financial matters and Vegas.

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4 Responses to AP050 – Clarifications and statistics

  1. neil nason says:


    The way I knew to find you was through Brenda Boo’s friend list. She had two Hatems listed so I sent a request to both. oops!!!


  2. neil nason says:

    Thanks for reading my email on your show. It’s my first international exposure!

    Glad to hear that things are going to continue. And the Ft stands for Fort as in Fort Lauderdale; but now I live in Tampa. Still in Florida.

    I’ll look you up on facebook.


  3. Hi Hattie! I haven’t listened yet — but I was so happy to see your lil show pop up in my Google+ feed — I just wanted to stop by and say “HI!”

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