AP053 – GBAP Live: Getting out of holiday finances

On this episode we talk about the economy, finances and personal budget worries as the end of the year is approaching. We look how we get through it with less damage, how buying cheap can be risky, talk about local food, producers and helping market and recycling. In this hard financial crisis can we save small businesses or are we naturally selfish saving our own lives? This is not the place where you will find tips but more of an experience chat.

To discuss the purse I am joined with Brenda Boo from the Hello Again it’s Brenda Boo Podcast and Toppie Smellie from The Smellcast Podcast.

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One Response to AP053 – GBAP Live: Getting out of holiday finances

  1. neil says:

    So sorry to hear from Toppie that you are discontinuing the Angry Pantry. While we all want you to do the best thing for yourself, I know that I have enjoyed many wonderful hours of listening to you and everyone else natter on about everything.

    And especially the joy that was you and Mr Z singing (!) Deck the halls….

    Thanks for everything,

    Neil Nason
    Ft Lauderdale Fl

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