AP035 – GBAP Live: Do you have food issues?

Continuing last week’s food talk, my guest talk about the issues with food they had when they were young and those they have now, how cooking has been lost in culture, kitchen drama television and why I eat so many burgers.

I am joined by Chuck from the twitter and Toppie from the Smellcast Podcast to discuss what they eat and how they feel about it.

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One Response to AP035 – GBAP Live: Do you have food issues?

  1. DrumMajorKev says:

    A very interesting show. I can relate to the salt conversation in a few ways.
    1. For goodness sake taste before you salt.
    2. My Salt intake has dropped dramatically since the thyroid removal and now is strictly only sea salt.
    3. The bare minimum of salt goes into my cooking while cooking and practically never once it is on the plate.
    4. For goodness sake TASTE before you add salt!

    Great podcast!

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