AP034 – GBAP Live: Does what you eat define who you are?

What is your relationship with what you eat? Why do you choose to be a vegetarian, a meat eater or in between? Is it for the diet? Is it a natural diet? What are the consequences food has on your behavior? Does what you eat can be identified at first sight?

I am joined by Tara from the twitter and the Fey Driver from the Pink Wheelnuts Podcast to discuss what they eat and how they feel about it.

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One Response to AP034 – GBAP Live: Does what you eat define who you are?

  1. JR says:

    Just because we are a consumer society I would say doesn’t make that right. Killing is killing and I think we need to accept we kill and take life to eat. Vegetables seem to have the less potential of feeling pain and suffering from what we can tell, but the meat thing has no justification, it is taking life that we know can express pain, hurt and desires to live and has more complex thinking we are learning all the time then we have thought before.

    There are also ways to do quick (15 minutes) that is not frozen Pizza. We found there are great packaged Indian food packets (2 minutes to heat) and can be served over quinoi, very healthy and no meat. We found a balance I like. We eat vegetarian during the work week, weekends we eat meat, but work to get humanely raised and treated animals for a decent life for them. Even if you dont feel for the animal’s pain and death, they shoot them full of steroids and antibiotics and that alone is a pretty good argument for your own health…

    Were also spoiled in CA with great quality and affordable produce that is also organic since much is grown near by. Puts all Safeway produce (shipped international) to shame which most of tastes like cardboard.

    Do cats often pee on vegetables? I imagine dogs, but cats? Don’t they usually like the ground and soft surfaces? What coffee? I don’t want that coffee!

    I can tell a vegetarian who doesn’t eat a balanced vegetarian diet. In other words, mostly eats carbs (grains)… And some very heavy people dont eat meat due to the pure carb diet… So not always fat = meat eater.

    Militant is on both ends. I meet militant inflexible meat eaters all the time and it is equally obnoxious. We also find catering to vegetarian and vegans to be pretty simple in the difficulties of life…. I think we all whine a lot about pretty small changes or our laziness to flexibility to our routines…


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