AP018 – GBAP Live: Is smoking still sexy?

On the first live show we try to see if in the new century smoking is still considered as sexy as in the last century. But is smoking sexy anyway? Can all tobacco types (cigarettes, cigars, pipes) be used in erotic games? We find out the answers as I am joined by Gavin from the Poke it with a stick, Toppie Smellie from the Smellcast, Wes the Gay Country Boy and Mr. Z..

Tune to http://www.pride48.com/ and listen to the first Angry Pantry! podcast live shows.
The Event is planned for Saturday night at 6PM EDT time (11PM GMT, Midnight CET, 3PM PST, 10AM NZST) just before the Poke it with a stick podcast live show.
You can join the chat room available on the Pride48 site and if you would like to join the conversation please contact me through Facebook, Twitter, Skype or by email at angry@angrypantry.com.

Scottie, you can download the small file here.

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3 Responses to AP018 – GBAP Live: Is smoking still sexy?

  1. Nessa says:


    I think you brought something very good to the pride48 table. The live show was thoughtful, funny, and entertaining.

    I don’t like smoking. It interupts life of, not only the smoker, but the smoker’s friends and family. Going to public places with Derek, we had to stop at designated spots and wait for him to finish before he would get in the car. And the smell! YUCK!

    Although, the smell of smoke reminds me of the casina…and I love the casina!


    • Angry Pantry says:

      Thanks Nessa!

      Yes, I know how you feel about those smoking pauses. They interrupt life, conversations, romances, they are empty unused/unusable life experiences that have no meaning. The stink of the body entering a smoke free place is horrible as it is strong and is worse than smoke itself, embedded with ash stinkness. Yuck!

  2. Kalvin says:

    I personally loved smoking, and I find it very sexy, more than cigars or pipes. I also think that although it doesn’t show up in much popular culture; smoking is very, very common in gay erotic photo books and magazine spreads. I’m not even so sure it has to do with smoking as the sort of affectation along with putting something in one’s mouth. Fun show!

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