AP017 – Trying to be nice week

Two things this week: one is about my “Trying to be nice week” campaign to others that is moderately not working very well. I explain why and what it is about. And of course what I feel about it. The other one is about the fact my last podcast discussion on expectations may have been somehow misunderstood from some of my listeners and friends. I try to clarify what it is about. So it is all about whining this week! Enjoy!

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One Response to AP017 – Trying to be nice week

  1. hi HatM (& mr X),
    29.7Mb of podcast. very good. Thank U.
    just to let you know that I am now (again) d/loading your humble pantry of angriness!

    yes, in Indonesia, where I must devote a few HOURS to d/l shows…. I have chosen YOUR show as 1 of the privileged few. :-)

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