AP015 – Expectations

Between Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day and St Patrick’s Day every celebration concerning love seems all the same. But is it love or Love? Affection? Careness? Or just loneliness. Why don’t people share their love? Why do they deny it? Is it gone so sour that’s hate now? What is hate anyway? Can I hate? Many questions and a few answers I have. One of them is that I love everybody. And I can’t fight against that.
Back to the Word on the Shelve with a definition of Love and Hate. You can have a good laugh as I read it.
At the end I make my big announcement.

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2 Responses to AP015 – Expectations

  1. kyle_hawaii says:

    i loved your more recent podcast. i pretty much agree with a lot of your feelings and thoughts or at least it is similar to how i think and see things. more of these personal podcasts because i thoroughly enjoyed your perspective and your wit.

    • Angry Pantry says:

      Thanks for the comment Kyle! Since I haven’t gone through all my thoughts on the subject I might submit an extended podcast to this one. I wanted to point out a fact bothering me but I didn’t manage to sneak it in there. Yesterday I found the story base for it to start illustrating my point. I hope to record it soon enough before forgetting it!

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