AP013 – Addictive behaviour

I did talk about smoking with Toppie the Hibernating Smellie on his no smoking January month and how hard it is to get over the addiction.
Well here I am talking about my struggle with bearing with smoking and the smokers. How frustrating it is being a non smoker. How ridicule laws are and what impact the non-smoking regulations has changed our lives even for non-smokers.
Describing why the next smoking rant I were announcing on episode 6 is not happening.

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2 Responses to AP013 – Addictive behaviour

  1. Kalvin says:

    we have that bus stop ordinance here in sf, and people don’t smoke in the bus shelter, but nobody maintains the true distance. You can’t smoke within 15 feet of a restaurant entrance either (so no patio smoking) and obviously not outside or inside the establishment. I’ll admit that I like to go out and talk to the smokers. It’s not so bad outside, and admittedly I have one or two every other week when I’m drinking. I just could never stand smoking indoors. Now that is vile. I always loved the smell of tobacco though. If you want strawberry smoke you do a hooka which I think is vile. Blech! Smoking here is a serious social stigma. People think you are either lazy, indulgent, stupid, etc. Good luck with the quitting masturbation. You could always just use carrots while using the computer like Toppie could. :-0

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