AP008 – Get your germy hands off me!

As the winter comes and people are getting sick I am getting prepared to stop germs ruin my life at work. From germs to human contact. Picked my letter “B” and an extra “C” for the word on the shelf.
Making a summary of the last hour long “The rotten strategy” show for those who slept all along and for those who may have got totally lost.
Talking about the amusing surprise I had some weeks ago while listening to My Honey’s “Anyway” show making reference to the episode 8. (Now that is totally obsolete as he is quitting podcasting). And why the schedule has been falling apart.

You can find QSledge and his artwork competition details on the Brain Hammer.

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  1. Nessa says:

    Thanks for saying my web site!

    In my part of the world, shaking hands in the work place is acceptable for men and women. It is usually only done when first meeting a co-worker or when you meet with upper management. When working with people of my same position, we are friendly, but we don’t shake hands, hug, or kiss. Kissing another person at work is very uncommon. i don’t think Americans allow people into their personal spaces like that. I would not be against it, I am a hugger myself.

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