AP007 – The rotten strategy

Talking about new technologies experiences and mobile phones causing stress. Drawing the Apple & Nokia products selling strategy differences. Briefly describing what I think about the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, Apple TV… iEverything products and giving my opinion on where it is leading to.

This one is a very long one, so if you need a nap this is the one to listen to! Good luck.

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4 Responses to AP007 – The rotten strategy

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  2. scotty says:

    dear HatM,
    enjoying the shows (except the latest 2), because the files are soooo HUGE @ 50MB.

    just wondering if you can tweak some dials to get your file sizes down a bit? Like 35Mb less!
    My slow indonesian internet says it will take 2 days to download :-( But in reality it is probably closer to 5-6 hours!

    thnx. :)

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