AP006 – Stop smoking in my face!

Arguing my issues about smokers and smoking. Sorry for the bad language. Starting the new section about pickled annoying words with the letter “A” of course. Getting frustrated at a point with the sound editing program and the speaking flow. And mentioning Ramble Readhead’s 5th podcast year anniversary’s very funny mention (from 1:25:00) :)

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5 Responses to AP006 – Stop smoking in my face!

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  3. Angry Pantry says:

    Scotty, You may download a smaller quality file from here.

  4. Angry Pantry says:

    Thanks Wes!
    How serious is your other half’s allergic? Allergic to the fumes or to the tobacco plant?

  5. I love your podcast! It’s very nice to have you in the podosphere. I used to smoke in college (to relieve nerves and make the cafe food digest) but met the other half and he’s allergic. I’ve only fallen once but that was quite some time ago. It is a nasty habit and it does piss others off…me included now.

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