AP004 – You Dirty Flip-Flopers!

While traveling on the train to Prague we witnessed the horrible dirty feet of a young traveling lady showed on everybody’s face. I talk about a term I used on the last podcast I would like to change. And finish by being surprised of a rise in the statistics.
Here you can find Mr. Honey’s live show I quoted from (from 33:00).

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2 Responses to AP004 – You Dirty Flip-Flopers!

  1. scotty says:

    hi Hat M,
    loving your show!!!! especially hearing your sexy European english accent. ;-)

    even though I wear thongs* all the time, I am still going to listen to your future shows. I’m an Aussie, so its unconstitutional to NOT wear thongs* outside of the house!!

    also, I wanna say that please don’t feel you need to re-edit/clarify your English or sayings for the listeners (in America). US-English, & their need to overly-politically-corectify every damn word in the world is… (thank goodness)… uniquely theirs!! Let it stay there in USA, please.
    i.e. You do NOT need to apologise or clarify using the word “blessed”. :-)

    keep up the great podcasts.

    * ‘flip flops’ in UK, ‘jandals’ in NZ, ‘thongs’ in Australia.
    oh; and no, I do not expect you to use MY Aussie word instead of flip flops. ;-)

    • Angry Pantry says:

      Hey Scotty!
      Thanks for the message!

      I hope there are still sober Aussies out there wearing proper shoes*!

      I apologized more to myself I used the “blessed” word as I usually wouldn’t use it. The word’s origin makes is unwanted.

      *that doesn’t make your feet dirty.

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