The Mayo Cast – Mayo #1 – We don’t do theme music

Kat & Hat talk about how they got into urban gardening, use of the Fitbit and their love for Mayonnaise on their first podcast episode during the Pride48 Live Streaming Weekend of June 2014. Surprise appearance from Zed and a competitions.

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AP065 – Pride48 live show

Toppie Smellie joins me for the live show on #Pride48′s 5th year anniversary. A great messy show! And Big Fatty and Poodle Mc Noodle come by to say hello! Sorry for the music near the end, somebody (Gavin or Daniel) played a horrible video of me dancing while he was recording the show :)

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AP064 – The Move

Finally I take the microphone for a last time this year and talk about the move we got through that helped a lot change our mood and life. Details on why it happened and its results.

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AP063 – The Olympics are finally over!

So finally the Olympic games are finally over! I’m talking about some of the stuff I enjoyed and that bothered me during the opening and closing of the London Olympic games 2012.

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AP062 – To the Club

It has been a good weekend this weekend with some new discoveries, lots of fun and spiced with etiquette drama. I talk about us going to the club, the sight we had to endure and telling what are the consequences of using the wrong dish plate for a specific food.

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